Behind the seams

You may get a year older, but it wont show.

For something that is going to last long and yet look classy, we needed a strong character to define its existence. We kept in mind ours. Individuals who are always looking for strength in themselves, exploring new pathways, redefining limits, and accomplishing tiny goals by never giving up. Doing all of this and yet not sacrificing on style. To the ones who can never be tamed and find their own ride, we created Buff and Jack. A master of style and a warrior of strength.

Our World

Go beyond the label. Look for substance.

When we set out to create a brand, we looked for depth. Something that is not only strong and powerful but would become the brand’s identity. We believed that anything we create should hold its relevance beyond time and yet be contemporary.

Timeless and classic. Minimalistic powerhouse.

From refined knowledge and research, Buff and Jack was created offering a varied range of fashion accessories made from natural and 100% pure leather. Our designs not only ensure tailor made preference but also a top-grade quality of leather. Inspired by art and current trends, from state of modernity to rich textures of vintage, our pieces mark a symbol of refined luxury. All Buff and Jack products are designed with thoughtful elements that make fashion appear seamlessly flawless.

Defining lines. Making luxury possible.

We believe in wholeness. From grains of the leather to chicly crafted silhouettes. Our linings may be defined, but not our reach. Anyone who is a fashion aspirant should be able to proudly own a piece of Buff and Jack. It wasn’t only about the touch that led to the creation of each piece but a combination of diligently sourced materials and dedicated workmanship. We understand the lifestyle of our user and offer products that become a part of their routine delivering value, comfort, and function.

The Big Daddy.

We are young but our leather has aged. They say, like wine, the older the leather, the better it is. Buff & Jack marked its presence in 2016 as a brand that offers fashionable leather products. But we’ve grown tough under the wings of our powerhouse, Web Fashion Studio, a company that has dedicated itself towards providing holistic hand holding services for many vendors and manufacturers within the Indian sub-continent; providing their businesses with relevant knowledge and expertise to match the changing trends.

With experience of over a decade and having closely worked towards manufacture and delivery of products for notable brands in International fashion industry; came in the decision to enrich the market with our own functional lifestyle brand Buff and Jack. Through its innovative and conceptually marked design

strength it is now ready to be outreached for the globe.

Buff & Jack with its initiative has readied itself in the development of enriching fashion wears and spellbound leather products. It has already built its own pathway to become the most respectable power brand that would provide everything being a one stop shop to the fashion conscious and mod genre.