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Make a statement. Not by words.

Handcrafted with elegance, Buff and Jack is an exquisite expression for all those individuals who are powered with ambition, inspired by fashion, and deserve attention. Blended with comfort, strength, and function, explore the journey with our wide range of genuine leather accessories.


Handcrafted for swag-setters.

“For when the road is rough, stay the course,


Dust off the fear and embrace the force.


Coated in power, walk with pride,


Be tough as an old leather and enjoy the ride.


Break down but never lose your style,


For every journey is covered by a mile.”



Get the tough going. Leather Accessories

It’s the little things that make the look perfect. Chosen from a palette of colours, consisting of thin strips of leather woven together by hand, we make each piece as the most indispensable accessory. Made with genuine leather, our collection is designed with a modern aesthetic. No matter how tough it gets, we ensure to keep it light with our compact and lightweight accessories.


Extend your essence. Vintage Leather Bags

Each masterpiece created by our artisans tell not only a story of the stitches but timeless techniques of art that brings leather to life. Our collections of Leather Bags reflect the modernity of the trends blended with the richness of vintage. At Buff and Jack, using natural and pure leather, special tanning processes, and detailed designs, we offer a new line of modern affordable luxury to our fashion aspirants.


Leather shoes (Coming soon…)

If ever you have to walk another mile to explore, we make sure you do it in style. From Oxfords to Moccasins, our versatile collection of leather crafted shoes offers different styles, bursts of colours, and intricate details. Imbibed with boundless creativity and mastery of materials, our shoes represent modern elite designs that bring class and comfort to any occasion. Why be in someone else’s shoes when yours are the one you wouldn’t want to leave?

Inspirational journey of every brand is unique and precious.
“We believe in wholeness. From grains of the leather to chicly crafted silhouettes. Our linings may be defined, but not our reach. Anyone who is a fashion aspirant should be able to proudly own a piece of Buff and Jack. It wasn’t only about the touch that led to the creation of each piece but a combination of diligently sourced materials and dedicated workmanship. We understand the lifestyle of our user and offer products that become a part of their routine delivering value, comfort, and function. “

Says Hardik R Karia founder of Buff & Jack.

We are young but our leather has aged. They say, like wine, the older the leather, the better it is. Inspired by craftsmanship of leather products; came in the decision to enrich the market with our own functional lifestyle brand Buff and Jack. Through its innovative and conceptually marked design strength it is now ready to be outreached for the globe.



Stay on the Saddle!